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This story took place at the time I joined /college/">college. I moved in at my uncle’s place since the college was only a few miles from their home. My uncle had wwwxxx three daughters. The eldest, Ashley was studying for medicine at a college very far and was staying at a hostel near their college. Then, there was Ann, who was a few months younger than me and was completing high school. She was very beautiful, had a beautiful figure, some dark skin complexions, like that of chocolate brown, dark hair and beautiful eyes. The youngest was Alice, two years younger than Ann.

It was during the period of my first year examinations. I was on study leave. I had a lot to read and study. I had decided that I would work very hard for these examinations and earn top marks. It was during such heated studies that I would sleep until very late. The weather too was very hot and I usually take off my shirts off and wear only my pyjama (light night wears) trousers. On one such night, Ann came into my room to ask me to teach her a portion in Physics which she did not understand (her exams was a few weeks away), and I readily agreed since Physics was my favorite subject. Whilst teaching her, I came to notice that she wasn’t paying much attention to what I was teaching, but often staring at my body (I had a real toned up body- I work up almost religiously). She suddenly realized that I was watching her and made some lame excuse for feeling tired and sleepy and said that she was going to bed. She took her books and stood up stared at my chest and complemented me for my fine body and left for her room. I looked up at the clock. It was half past twelve and the room was very hot. I looked at my book. I had been trying to solve a problem (engineering mathematics) for almost an hour before Ann came and had no success. I therefore decided to take a swim, cool off my body and head. 

I left the back door open and walked to the pool, took off my trousers and jumped into the pool naked, mind you everyone was sleeping, at least, I thought. The moon shone to its full glory and the pool was illuminated with its light. I swam a few strokes and came out of the pool and took the towel and dried myself. As I was drying myself, and I thought I saw the silhouette of someone standing at the door watching me. I wrapped the towel around my waist and proceeded to move forward to see what or rather who it was but it seemed to have disappeared. I walked around to see if there was anyone there but found no one. So, I headed back to my room. 

As I walked past Ann’s room, I heard slow moans coming out of her room. I thought she must be having a dream or something and I began to proceed to my rooms when those moans started becoming short gasps and heard some heavy breathing, with the the wwwxxx intensity growing more. I don’t know what happened to me then. I slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door slightly and took a peek and the sight that greeted me stunned me. There was Ann, on her knees on the bed, with her legs spread apart, her night gown pulled up to her waist, her undies on the floor and her right hand inside her pussy. The room was well illuminated from the moonlight through the windows. The sight of her masturbating got me hard. Very hard. I had never pictured her as of anything like this. Her left hand was kneading through her nightgown and massaging her breasts. I could see the nipples pointing out through the gown. She pulled out her hands, stretched back, pulled off her gown out and threw it on the floor near her undies. She was now stark naked and the moonlight illuminated her body. Holy shit, I thought. She was sooo beautiful. She had beautiful breasts, not too large and neither too small. The perfect size. Her sweat glistened aureoles shone as the nipples pointed out. She moved back her hand to her pussy, playing with it. I saw her hair covered pubic triangle very clearly. All these time, I had my hand on my cock, kneading it through the trousers. Ann meanwhile had her whole hand up inside and pulled it out and in partially, her gasps turning into short screams. Her speed increased almost rhythmically and finally, she jerked up, her /climax/">climax approaching and with a final gasp and moan, came and came and fell on her back to the bed, flat.
I guess she must have fallen asleep after that because I didn’t wait there any longer. I hurried to my room, feeling excited, and pulled out my trousers, took care of my needs, and finally went to sleep.

To be continued’