Buddies Becum Lovers

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Buddies Becum Lovers

It was after school and my friend and I were riding home with his mom. She dropped us off and left the driveway off to work for the evening. Me and my friend Johnathan sat down on his bedroom floor as we studied for our math test tomorrow. "You want a soda?" he asked breaking the silence of what seemed like forever. "Sure" I said then he left the room.

Me and Johnathan have been friends for about 4 months and I knew him since last year but never really spoke until this year when we were in the same class. I liked Johnathan since the /first-time/">first time I saw him, his /blonde/dirty-blonde/">dirty blonde hair (which is like an afro almost), light green eyes, and lightly tanned skin. He is about 6"1" maybe a little smaller and very hispanic looking. I myself am 6'maybe taller, black but like a creamy peanut butter color, dark brown eyes, black hair, medium build with great biceps and chest, and just a flat stomach.

"I'm back" he said as he entered the room with 2 cold sodas. "I'm bored with math lets take a break." I agreed and we sat on his bed and began talking about the people in our class. None of them were beauties but Johnathan. "When's the last time you've had a girlfriend?" I asked just to get off the topic of school. He looked down and said he had juss recently broke up with his girlfriend this past winter. "She was a /bitch/">bitch anyways though, so I dont care. How about you?" I figured not to tell the truth seeing how I recently became accepted of my sexuality and the last time i had a girlfriend was my freshman year and now I'm a Junior. "I'm taking a break from girls you know, too many holes in my wallet, cant afford them, plus my grades are low anyways." He smiled and said yeah me too. 

"But man I feel so lonely just walking down the halls and seeing everyone all hugged up and kissing, and holding eachother I want that." "I'll hold you" I said thinking to myself. But instead I simply let out a sigh and a "yeah man I feel you." Then suddenly the room fell quiet him with his head hanging low and I with my head propped up just looking at this lonely, sexy as hell boy. I dont know what the hell came over me but I put my arm around him. "You'll find someone man dont even sweat it, I bet all the girls be chasing you huh?" he simply rolled his eyes and his head remained in the lonely position. Out of nowhere he turned fully towards me and put his hands on my hips and said "Thanks Keith your right, I'm juss trippin." and for almost 3 minutes we remained there embraced.

"Yo, man this is like a real gay moment" I said just coming back to realization that he is straight and I am as far as he's concerned. "So" he replied. I was just shocked by this remark "man are you trying to tell me something?" I asked. "Well I know your gay" he said. "How do you figure?" I asked. "Well for one thing when I put my hands on your hip you said nothing and yet there they are." I was super turned on by the smoothnes of his voice and that's when it happened. He closed his eyes and his lips met with mine. His lips were smooth and velvety and filled with such warmth. Then his smooth soda stained tongue entered my mouth and we kissed passionately with our tonuges /wrestling/">wrestling with each others. 

I looked down only to find a bulge in his pants and one in mine as well. My dick was hurting and was desperately trying to burst from my jeans but still I remained tongue interlocked with Johnathan's. After 5 minutes of making out he raised my shirt over my head to reveal my gray tank top sticking to my body like an extra layer of skin and I lifted his shirt to reveal as a hairless body, light pink nipples the size of quarters, and a sexy six pack that wasnt defined but yet still hott. I began sucking and biting softly on his nipples and he just exhaled a big breathe. He placed his hands on my back and began to rub across back and forth. 

Then I stood up as he remained upright on the bed and he began to undo my belt and pants zipper. My jeans dropped to the floor and I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my jeans. He then stood up and removed my tank top and threw it over his head. He noticed the bulge in my boxers, "looks like someone's been waiting for this a long time." I responded by placing his hand on the bulge. "Nice" he said. He placed his hand through the hole in front of my boxers and began to fondle my manhood. "Mmmmmmmm" I moaned softly, dripping precum a little bit. As he did this I placed a hand on his back and began to rub and played with his nipples with my free hand. "You wanna feel it?" he asked I smiled and nodded and he slowly removed his hand out of my boxers. I placed my hands in his boxers and he let out a moan of relief like and "Aahhhhhhh" sound. I rubbed my thumb in front of his cut head and used my other fingers to gently stroke the shaft. He just placed his hands behind his head and enjoyed the fondling.

I then removed his boxers revealing this /gorgeous/">gorgeous beautiful pink dick to the floor and he followed suit. He sat there on the floor kneeling with my 6.5 dick directly in front of his face drooling with clear precum and he placed his lips on my cut head. He let his tongue explore my hinted pink edged head I put my hands on my hips enjoying this mini blowjob. He then came up and embraced me hard our dicks crushing against each other. "Johnathan I've wanted you for so long" I said. "Now you have me and I'll be here to hold you as long as you need to he whispered in my ear, his chin resting on my shoulder. "Johnathan" I whispered. "Yes beautiful?" he responded. I placed my right hand on one of his smooth ass cheeks and squessed softly. "I want you to make love to me" I whispered. "Lay down on your chest" he said. I did as I was told and laid down on his soft comforter. Than I felt the heat from his skin over me than he placed his dick firmly on my ass cheeks and begin to hump as he held me still with his hands on my hips. He breathed heavily as I just laid there enjoying our skin on skin friction.

Truth be told this was the first time either one of us has ever been with a boy but we went about this as if we were pros. As I felt his fuzzy brown haired balls tightening on my smooth ass I knew he was gonna cum but instead he got up and said "Your turn." I was so turned on by this. I allowed him to lay on his stomach looking as his tight little ass. I took my dick in hand and played with hole letting him think I was gonna enter than I finally laid on top of him. His ass felt so good on my dick I placed my arms under his and held his hands as I humped slowly. "OOooohh Jay you feel so good" "Dont stop Keith I love you." I was just crushing his ass with my cock and I was ready to cum too. But like my prince I got up and told him to to turn over. "Oh taking force baby you are making me so hot." As he said this he was stroking his beautiful light 7 and a half inch rod which by now was leaking with pre cum. My mouth was literally watering. That's when I inhaled it. I wrestled his dick with my tongue. "Ahhhhh baby don't stop, ahh shit, suck me baby suck me." The salty taste of the creamy pre cum was good the more I sucked the more the more he lost it. "Ahhh baby, ahhh, ohhhh, hmmmmmm." As I sucked I played his his balls this he really loved. Than I wasnt sure I could do it but I inhaled all 7.5 inches of his dick and his balls tightened. "AAAAhhhh baby I'm cummin, I'm cummin." And I remained with his dick reaching my throat and he came, warm filling spewed in my mouth with such thick salty, gooey, filling that I was ready to cum to. 

He milked himself until I got it all of it down then I sat up and he jumped bokep sma pecah perawan for my dick. His tongue felt great within 30 seconds "I'm cummin baby" I yelled. He, like me, remained there which caused me to come quicker. I came in his mouth with an extreme rush of exctasy flowing through my body, and he immediately kissed me with my white filling. We sat there making out both mouths filled old waman xxxgx with /semen/">semen dicks rubbing against each other. Then once we were flaccid we laid there in each others arms stroking each others dicks. "Keith" "yeah Jay?" "will you be my boyfriend?" I responded by giving him a handjob. This is gonna be a great relationship.