Me n my new house maid

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Me n my new house maid

Hi friends my name is raj[name changed] I I'm going to tell about my experience wit my new house maid. So I have told u before that I have fucked my house maid but now who I fuck was sister of my old maid.

This happened one day suddenly my old xnxxv sunny leone video house maid Stella fell ill n stopped coming for work she used to send her for some days even she has nice sexy figure she used to wear tight dresses her we could notice her boobs she is dark but really sexy n she used to come then due to her collage exam even she stopped coming then Stella sent her sister in our house she is like 30 or 35 age type looking girl she is n busty one day I had kept my wallet on my study table n slept next day the new maid rani stole it there was some money like 5 or 6 thousand she robbed it I got angry n told mom then mom told that without reason we can't blame her so I left few days later I made a plan to catch her n lock in room n ask.

I did the same no one were there at home I pushed her inside the room n asked I took knife n tried to scare her she got n told that she had all spent the money in shopping n all I got angry then I told her that I need it now only she started getting fear then she told that she will do anything then I slowly saw her big cleavage I got boner she saw I told I want to sleep wit u at first she got shocked then later she said she will do.

Then I removed my clothes n she gave my blowjob that was really hot age did like a professional I loved it then slowly I started kissing her face n then I touched her lips wit my tougne then started kissing her deeply even she started responding n enjoying I then pressed her boobs n removed her clothes n sucked her boobs n n then I sucked her pussy licking it n she squirted in my mouth her Pussy was big n clean shaved real forced anal against her will then I started fucking her I fucked her hard n hard then my mom called n told that she is coming soon we got up n dressed it was a great experience.

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