a camping tale

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
a camping tale

It was the middle of summer and me,my /girlfriend/">girlfriend Nic and my friend decided to spend the night under the stars,none of us had ever been camping before believe it or not! and this camping /trip/">trip was about to get very interesting...
We had quite a walk up to the camping spot but after a while,we met our friend in the field.

It looked like we had all stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv we needed to enjoy a great night!

We were up for ages talking about everything around the campfire before my girlfriend said "lets go to sleep babes,im a very tired girl" and then she winked! Well,I wasnt going to say no and i followed her into the tent next to my best mates tent.
"goodnight!!" my girlfriend shouted to my mate...
He responded with the same "goodnight!!"

Me and my girlfriend lay there for a few minutes before we started to have a laugh with dirty talk.
I questioned her saying "imagine if you didnt have my dick to suck mind Nic!" as a joke and she said "id be fine!".

Then I turned to her and said "oh yeah? how?"

Then with a cheeky laugh she said "id just suck bens (our friend) dick wouldnt I?"

I laughed it off and said "yeah sure!"

She then replied with "pffft,you wanna bet?"

Half asleep and not caring cause I knew she wouldnt I said "yeah go on then"...

She left the tent and re-entered with my friend, without warning she said "here we go babe" and took off her top to expose her huge double D tits to my friend.
"oh no way you cant be serious with this Nic!?" he exclaimed!

"oh i am ben" she pulled down my mates shorts and boxers and saw his dick.Her head was eye level with his cock and she said "oh my god ben! thats massive! gotta be 3 times the size of any cock ive ever seen!"

He must have been about 9 inches and his erect cock was girlfriend turned to me and asked if she should lick the tip.
"No Nic,no" i answered.

She then explained "oh im kinda glad you dont want me to lick it"...there was a pause "cause i want to suck it!"
Her lips wrapped around the head of my mates cock and almost by natural reaction,my mates hands immediately grabbed my girls impressive tits!

My friend was nearly unable to even talk!
"your girlfriend...can suck...dick...ohh my god!" he moaned!

after a while,my girlfriend took off her shorts and /thong/">thong and got onto her hands and knees.

She forced my mates /dick/big-dick/">big dick into her pussy and told me that this is how she likes to be fucked,my dick was really hard at the sight of it!

I took out my own cock and started wanking myself off,my girlfriend stopped me though and said that its too small to make any difference in that tent.

My friend was constantly pounding her and spanking her and asking "who has a massive cock?" "tell me."
My girlfriend screamed "you baby,you do! oh please keep goingggg!".

After a long /hard/hard-fuck/">hard fuck,my mate took his dick out of my girlfriends dripping /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and fingered her for abit.

Then,he positioned his cock over her mouth and cummed all over her! id honestly never seen so much cum!
It covered her white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie face and filled her mouth.

They finished up and slept together in their tent whilst i slept alone wondering how that just happened!
A guy could never be humiliated more!!

My mate told me,he also sucked on her tits long into the night!