Banging Danielle

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Banging Danielle

Danielle stood in front of the full length mirror in her neighbor?s bedroom frantically trying to zip up the new dress she brought.

?Macy. This dress is extremely tight. Help me zip it up!?

Macy crossed the room and finished zipping up Danielle?s dress, bringing relief to her blonde neighbor.

? Danielle. What size is that dress anyway??

?It?s a size three but I guess my boobs must have grown a bit since this morning.?

?Danielle. You?re just about as crazy as I?m, girl!?

Danielle sat on a chair and began putting on her high heeled shoes as she replied.

?Macy. I must be the one that?s crazy around here for letting you talk me into going out to that club tonight.?

Macy slipped on the tight red dress and pulled it down over her shapely hips as she looked over at Danielle?s shoes.

?Hey. You better watch those things, they look like they could be dangerous. What size heels are those??

?Their six inch heels and yes I?m going to use them for weapons if anyone gives me a hard time tonight.?

Macy and her husband, Ted recently moved into the house next door to Danielle and Hank. At twenty-six, Macy was three years younger than her neighbor, Danielle. Macy was sort of on the wild side and since moving to Tampa from New Jersey, she and Danielle and had become good friends.

They had been married for the exact amount of time with only a month dividing their anniversary dates. Neither couple had any children yet. Macy wasn?t ready to settle down with kids and her husband worked out of town most of the time which would be hard to raise a family at the moment.

Macy and Danielle were both blonde and wore their hair down to their waist. They wore the same size dress and were gifted with long shapely legs and decent size bust for women of their size.

Danielle was just about ready to leave as she applied her red lip stick to her lips and squirted her perfume toward her cleavage.

She grabbed her purse and walked out to the front room where Macy was leaving a note for her husband telling him she would be home early and that she was with Danielle.

?Macy. Why did I ever talk you into going out to this club tonight??

?Danielle. It?ll be fun, just relax and enjoy the ride tonight!?

Macy was slipping off her wedding rings and put her hand out to Danielle, waiting for her neighbor to remove her rings.

?Come on, Danielle. We can?t have any fun tonight if your going to keep those on your finger.?

Danielle reluctantly removed her rings and gave them to Macy.

?I?m going to put them in a safe place in my bedroom. Remind me when we get home and I?ll give them to you.?

Danielle nervously waited for Macy to return from the bedroom. She never went out without wearing her wedding rings in all the years she was married and hoped that Hank never found out.

The drive to the club took almost forty-five minutes. The wives were in the heart of the downtown area where Hank worked and she worried that maybe she would run into him if he was out having a few drinks like he normally does on Friday?s.

They parked the car in the lot next to the club. Danielle was nervous when she got out of the car because there were so many black guys hanging around the front of the building.

?Macy. I?m scared. What sort of neighborhood did you bring us to??

?Relax and stop your whining! Your going to be all right, just walk next to me and don?t pay any attention to anyone that says anything to you.?

The wives walked past a group of black men standing near the door of the club as they walked by. The guys started chanting at them.

?Mmm . . . Nice legs! .....White pussy . . . Come here little girls, let Daddy show you around.?

They finally managed to get inside the club door and the man at the door was black as well and were very polite as he took them to an empty booth. They sat into the booth and ordered drinks as Danielle looked around the dark club.

?What kind of place did you bring us to??

?Relax. It?s all right. It?s mostly, all black men that hang around this club.?

?Macy! What?s wrong with you? We better go.?

?Hush . . . Before someone hears you. Just stay put in your seat and relax. You?ll be safe in here, just trust me.?

People were dancing out on the large dance floor. Danielle could see dozens of people hanging around in groups. She saw mostly black men but there were a few white guys in the club. The women seemed to out number the black women a great deal and Danielle was beginning to wonder if it was a pickup bar for white women looking for a little interracial sex.

?Would you like to dance??

Danielle almost froze in her seat as she turned to see a tall black man standing near their table. She looked over at Macy who was encouraging her to dance with the man.

Danielle stayed out on the dance floor for three songs which were all fast and when she returned to the table, Macy was gone. She glanced around the dance floor and finally saw her neighbor dancing with a black man.

The song stopped and something much slower was played by the D.J. and Danielle saw Macy put her arms around the man?s neck as she swayed to the music.

?Excuse me. May I ask you to dance??

Danielle was too nervous to turn down this man?s request to dance. She got up and walked out onto the floor with the man who was very tall and black. She placed her hands on his shoulders as they started to dance together.

?I?m Jerome. Whom do I have the pleasure of dancing with??

Danielle was caught off guard as she hesitantly replied. ?I?m Danielle.?

Danielle had never danced with a black man before and thought to herself that he was rather handsome and very muscular. She held onto his shoulders very tight as to look for comfort from being in the strange club with all the men starring at her as if she were a trophy that they were all trying too win.

?Is this your first time in the club??

?Yes. I came here with my neighbor, Macy.?

Jerome didn?t notice a ring on her finger when he walked her out to the dance floor. He thought she was extremely attractive when he saw her dancing with that other guy. Jerome thought that he?d like to get to know her much better.

?Are you two ladies looking for someone to show you a good time??

Danielle almost died on the spot as she hesitantly replied to Jerome. ?Macy and I came out to do a little dancing tonight. We?re not really looking for anyone right now.?

Jerome had heard that one before. They all said something very similar but he always seemed to work his way around that classic block.

Danielle danced with Jerome for three slow songs and began feeling comfortable and secure being with him in the club. At least she was safe from having the other men trying to pick her up tonight.

When the song ended, Jerome followed Danielle back to her booth where Macy was seated with a black guy. It was Jerome?s friend.

?Hey Lamont. I see you met Danielle?s neighbor.?

?Hey. What?s up??

Lamont hardly looked up as he continued talking with Macy whom he seemed to be hitting it off with at the moment.

?Listen. Can I buy you another drink and chat with you awhile??

Danielle really wanted to be left alone but she blurted out. ?Yeah. Sure. That would be fine.?

Jerome waited until Danielle sat down and ordered them a round of drinks before mentioning his friend.

?Danielle. I have to go and tell a friend where we are. I?ll be right back.?

Jerome got out of the booth and smiled back at Danielle thinking how lucky he might get tonight if he just took it easy with her. Jerome knew if was handsome and never had any trouble picking up women when he wanted to.

God. This blonde woman was hot. Jerome loved blondes and loved the way Danielle?s blonde hair reached her waist. He had a vision of that blonde hair and her white tits bouncing around as she rode his cock.

Jerome walked near the bar and saw his co-worker, Hank standing next to the bar.

?Hank. You?re never going to believe this.?

Hank took a swig of his beer as he waited for Jerome to finish what he was saying.

?I just met this blonde. She?s a total knock out. Got long blonde hair, long legs with a nice little ass and /tits/big-tits/">big tits just waiting for someone to suck them.?

?I didn?t know you had a thing for white women. I guess this means your going to be leaving me??

Jerome laughed. ?Man. There?s lots of chicks in here for you to pick from. Why don?t you go talk to one of them??

Hank was taking another swig of his beer.

?No. Jerome. I got the perfect little blonde like you described waiting for me at home tonight. I don?t need to look for anyone one else.?

?Why aren?t you home banging it right now instead of standing here with me??

Hank glanced at his watch.

?Actually my wife went out this evening with our neighbor tonight to a dance club. I would imagine she?ll be home in a couple hours and be as horny as hell went I get there.?

Jerome laughed. ?Hey. Man. Maybe your wife and her friend came in here tonight!?

?You must be crazy Jerome? My wife wouldn?t come to a club like this one.?

Jerome patted Hank on his shoulder as he laughed at Hank?s remark.

?What?s the matter, Hank? Don?t you think your wife would be interested in a little chocolate to spice things up a bit??

?Jerome. You?re absolutely crazy! I don?t think Danielle ever had an interest in dating black men before we were married.?

Jerome had a stunned expression on his face when Hank mentioned his wife?s name. Could this be Hank?s wife sitting in the booth waiting for him to return? Jerome didn?t say a word about it.

?Hank. I?m just curious about your wife and her friend. What did you say her friend?s name was??

?Oh. Her name is Macy and she is our neighbor. She and Danielle could pass for twins. Macy and her husband just moved into the neighborhood a few weeks ago and my wife has become good friends with her.?

Jerome?s knee?s were getting weak as he stood with Hank knowing that he was just about to get ready to hit on the man?s wife. Jerome was nervous as he spoke.

?Well. Hank Are you going to be leaving soon??

?I think I?ll just hang around and have one more drink before I call it a night. You better get moving before someone else has an erg for white pussy.?

?Um. Yeah. Hank. You take it easy and I?ll see you at the office on Monday.?

Jerome walked away from his friend, leaving him standing at the bar. Jerome decided to walk in a different direction back to the booth just in case Hank followed him. God. What was he going to do? This was his friend?s wife.

Jerome tried to regain himself before reaching the table where his roommate was seated with the women. Jerome hesitated just a few feet away from the table and saw Danielle seated next to Macy and Lamont waiting for him.

Jerome?s mind was wondering as he thought sexxxx video ful hd about Hank. Danielle was the perfect woman for him. He loved her pretty face with luscious lips and long blonde hair. Jerome decided that Danielle was too good to pace up. He didn?t care if she was married. She?s not wearing a wedding ring which meant that she must be out on the prowl and if that were true than Danielle need not look any further.

?I?m sorry I took so long. Would you like to dance??

Danielle smiled at Jerome as she scooted her way out of the booth.

Hank was still standing at the bar with a beer in his hand. He stood wondering about the blonde that Jerome was trying to pick up. His dick was sticking straight out from his pants. He actually got a boner listening to Jerome describe how attractive she was.

Interracial sex was Hank?s weakness. He often fantasized about white women having sex with black men. He loved to go online and read stories containing white wives and black men together. Actually. Hank was getting possessed with the subject lately.

It?s actually had caused him trouble having sex these days with Danielle. Hank needed the mental stimulation of fantasizing about Danielle with a black man before he could obtain an erection anymore. It wasn?t just a coincidence that Hank was at this club with Jerome tonight.

Hank knew the place had a repetition of having white women hanging out for the purpose of picking up black men. He figured he?d see a few interracial couple?s tonight that would get him excited. Actually. There was a redhead standing near him speaking to a tall black man.

Hank got really excited when he saw them kiss and the black guy put his arm around the woman?s tiny waist. Frank could feel his dick stretching his pants out, so he moved around so nobody would notice.

Hank watched as the black guy kissed the redhead again. He tried not to stare at them but he saw her lips open as the man?s tongue entering her mouth. That?s when Hank had noticed that the redhead was wearing a huge diamond ring on her left hand which almost caused Hank too shot his load right there at the bar.

Hank figured this woman was married and out trying to pick up a black guy. She was doing a great job at the moment. Hank thought about Jerome and wondered how if was doing with the blonde woman he met. He wanted to stick around and watch and see what this redhead what she was going to do.

They were talking as they held each other and kissed again. Hank saw the tall black man put his hands on the woman?s ass while she kept starring seductively into the black guy?s eyes. They kept touching each other and kissing for several minutes until Hank thought they were going to have sex right out there next to the bar.

Hank?s heart rate went up as he watched the tall black man put his arm around her and walked her toward the front door. There had been a white guy standing on the other side of them the whole time, watching and drinking a beer.

Hank watched the man take the last swig of his beer and put it on the bar than quickly caught up to the couple as they walked out the door. God. That could have been her husband watching!

Hank?s mind was floating all over the place as he thought of what might be going on. It was just like one xxx sex video download free com of those stories he read where the husband watched his wife from a distance as she picked up a black guy in a bar. He was problebly going home right now to watch his wife get banged by that big black fellow.

God. Hank only wished he could tag along and peek in the window. He?d love to see that redhead with her legs stuck straight in the air with that big black body between her legs. Maybe the husband would sit in a chair at the foot of the bed and watch. Hank envied the man.

Hank looked at his watch again checking the time. He drank up his beer and decided he would checkout his friend before he went home and thought about that redhead and her black lover.

Jerome was out on the dance floor dancing to a slow song with Danielle at the moment. He was taking it easy with her, not wanting to scare her off. They swayed to the music as Danielle held her arms under his huge shoulders. Jerome?s chin was touching her blonde hair just above her ear as they danced.

Hank was standing on the opposite end of the dance floor trying to locate his friend with the blonde.

He finally saw Jerome facing him as he danced with the blonde he mentioned. Jerome was right. She was attractive. Hank could only see her from behind but saw her long blonde hair cut about waist length. He saw her long shapely legs and heels and wondered if she too were married.

Jerome?s arms were around the blonde and rested just above her little ass. Hank wanted to try and get Jerome?s attention but it looked as if Jerome?s eyes were closed as he slowly danced with the blonde.

Hank stood watching as they danced. Hank?s heart was beating faster as he watched his buddy slowly move his fingers on the woman?s ass now. Jerome was stroking her cheeks with his huge hands.

The song suddenly ended and Hank watched Jerome take the woman?s hand and lead her back to where they were sitting. Hank wanted to stay longer and watch his friend score with the blonde but wanted to get home before Danielle and walked out of the club. He figured he would get all the details from Jerome at the office on Monday.

Danielle had never given any thought about dating a black man before she got married but found Jerome to be very handsome and polite. She and Macy actually made a date with the guys to work out at a gym the following morning. Jerome had made the suggestion when the women mentioned that they worked out together every day.

Jerome had just joined a club in the area and invited them as quests which would give him more time to get to know Danielle.